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The Market Kinetic Sculpture

The Market Kinetic Sculpture
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The Market is a kinetic sculpture meticulously crafted to move when the financial world moves.

Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it can track eleven global stock market indices and five major cryptocurrencies, tilting in real time to precisely indicate day over day market changes with an accuracy of up to 1/10%.

The owner can control which index or cryptocurrency their Market is tracking and how often it updates via a free iOS or Android app.

The Market is made with fine materials and finishes, with exacting attention to detail. The hardwood base is made from beautifully finished New Guinea Rosewood. Its cast metal parts are made from zinc, with platings of copper and brass. Our custom-designed motor is quiet, moving with the flow the markets without interruption and noise. Precise percentage change can be read on the laser etched sextant scale via the illuminated eyepiece’s 3x glass magnifying lens.

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