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Master Chop Dicer and Chopper

Master Chop Dicer and Chopper
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Master Chop is a hand held quick and easy food prep that will easily be your favorite go to kitchen tool for all your food preparation. The chopper has a built in cutting board that can work like you use scissors with a single hand. The sharp stainless Steel blades will chop your vegetables to the size you want and quickly help you prepare your meals.

There are no multiple tools to wash or clean up a single chopper will work with almost all your kitchen chopping needs.

made from strong sturdy ABS plastic and all stainless Steel blade which is tempered to remain sharp for a long long time. The knife can be removed and use separately just as a knife to chop larger things.

Comes with a wall stand tht you can hang it once you are done. Easy cleaning dish washer safe.

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