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Mastrad Magma Hot Plate

Mastrad Magma Hot Plate
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The Orka Magma Hot Plate has taken the convenience and benefit of food warmers and turned it up a notch. Famous for their silicone kitchenware and bakeware, orka has taken the best features and heat retention of silicone, and made a microwaveable food warmer that is safe to handle, requires no cords or open flame.

Heat the Magma Hot Plate in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, and dishes will stay the perfect temperature for up to 1 hour. Keep rolls and breads oven warm right at your table, or keep that dish hot while you prepare another. Made safe for any surface, indoors and out, your Magma Hot Plate will make buffets spectacular, and dinner nights with the family just a little bit easier.

Microwaveable silicone hot plate to keep food warm for second servings, right at the table
Heats quickly, only 2-3 minutes in the microwave; stays warm for 1 full hour; No cords, batteries or external flame necessary
Made of silicone and polymer, the energy storing core releases heat at the optimal thermal temperature
Safe to use on all indoor and outdoor surfaces; insulated base makes the warmer safe and easy to handle
Perfect for keeping warm breads, rolls, tea, coffee and keeping one dish hot while preparing another

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