Matchbox Pattern diy Matchbox Printable Box Template 3

Matchbox Pattern  diy Matchbox  Printable Box Template  3
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Great pdf template for making your own miniature boxes! This pdf pattern is 3 pages of 8.5×11 designs which will make you a total of 3 mini boxes, 2 matchbox sized boxes and 1 larger box. mini: 1″x5/8″x1/4″ matchbox: 2″x1.25″x1/2″ larger:33/8″x21/8″x7/8″ Little boxes are great for candy treats, notes to friends, and any other sorts of small collections! These boxes would also make a fantastic custom packaging for indie jewelry sellers. You pick the paper and just print my template on top of it. Cut out the boxes and then fold them up. The boxes fold up easily and are super fun to make in different papers for different occasions. My Cuddle Bug loves them! He makes requests on the kinds of paper hed like and then from there they are used as boxes, spaceships, robots, you name it! i think there is something intrinsically mysterious and fun about little boxes that slide open. You will print this pdf template on the pattern side up of your paper in a very faint grey line. If youd prefer a different color, please convo me and Id be happy to change the color! The files with black lines work great for darker colored papers and the grey lines work great for lighter papers. Copywrite 2010 Cuddle Bug Kids While this pdf template is copywrite, you are more than welcome to make and sell these boxes. i do ask that you mention my Etsy store in any listings along with products made from this pattern. Thx!

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