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Megahouse Kei Human Body Mannequin Game

Megahouse Kei Human Body Mannequin Game
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One thing people rarely consider to be scary is basic human anatomy. Aside from a surprise quiz, they never simply jump out at you. Well, never say never.

In this heart pounding interactive game, the Kei Human Body Mannequin Game watches as you put your nerves and dexterity to the test.

The Kei Human Body Mannequin Game is played much like a game of reverse operation based on luck. Pull a card from the deck, and it will indicate which piece of Kei’s anatomy must be returned to the model. Place it carefully with the tweezers. With a little luck, you will escape harmless with peace of mind (until your next term). However, each game someone will unmistakably awake him when he comes to life, laughing maniacally and ejecting each internal organ along with its face and limbs towards you. When the game is over and Kei is awakened, the trigger for next game is reset.

Kei is released following the immense success of the “Attack on Titan” Japanese anime (based on the fictional story of enormous giants that resemble those from Bodies the Exhibit). Play cooperatively to defeat the sadistic mannequin, or compete with one another to see who chokes first.

This creative term-based game is great for understanding human anatomy (and Japanese at the same time).

Suitable for ages 6 and up, with two difficulty settings.

With Japanese packaging and instruction.

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