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Meters Music OV-1 Headphones

Meters Music OV-1 Headphones
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Meters Music OV-1 Headphones
Active Visual Monitoring:
The VU meter featured on the left and right ears of the headphones are a line-level signal indicator, designed to give the headphones a dynamic look as people around you can see the level of the music youre enjoying.
They work exactly like the meters on a professional mixing desk, bringing a touch of the studio to your everyday listening

Protein Leather
A more sustainable alternative to real leather. Protein leather can be produced to the same standards every time with out the problems you get with real leather. The material is breathable unlike real leather where sweat from long periods of use can course unnecessary wear and tear.

Audio Input & USB
Keeping things neat and tidy the moulded jack socket allows the user to plug in and play with ease time after time. The USB socket is there with an LED indicator for charging your headphones with the provided USB cable. Ensuring hours of Meter rocking music.

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