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Meural Digital Canvas

Meural Digital Canvas
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Meural is a digital art frame that connects to your smartphone or desktop, allowing you to choose from a vast art catalog and curate your walls as you please.
The Meural Canvas renders each image as lifelike and textured as a real painting—down to the last brushstroke.

Control from your smartphone or desktop: The Meural app lets you control all major features, and find new artwork for your space. On the meural site, you can access your personal dashboard, the innovative drag and drop timeline, and more.
Gesture Control: Wave your hand to browse through art, learn more about each piece, access device settings, and more.

Built-in memory: 8GB of memory, you can keep ~2,000 images on your frame at one time.
Size/aspect ratio: With a 27″ display and a 9:16 aspect ratio, the Meural Canvas fits any space.
Built-in ambient light sensor: Each image seamlessly adjusts to match the room’s lighting.
Anti-glare matte display: Meural screens are designed to deflect light and organically amplify color.
Landscape and portrait modes: The Meural Canvas is versatile — it’s simple and easy to change orientations

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