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Mia Melon jackets – Introducing new style shells

Mia Melon jackets – Introducing new style shells
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Beautifully styled, weatherproof, light weight jackets designed for urban living. Multi-season and multi-use, yet minimal in size.

Sweet Clothing is a small company that designs and produces the brand names Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear. We are starting to really emerge this season and become a modern day outerwear company thanks to the help of Kickstarter, our backers and retailers. Our niche is to design modern weatherproof outerwear that is stylish, functional and affordable.


Here is the new spring 2017 collection by Mia Melon and One Man. Designed to keep you dry and in style, we convert street fabrics into waterproof fabrics. We’ve created an amazing option for people wanting to look great in all seasons and weather conditions. This is our 6th project and we feel this product serves our niche the best. The fabrics we have created are amazing and the look and feel of the quality is hard to illustrate by video. This is by far our best deal and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

What Makes Our Style Shells so Special

Waterproof Breathable Membrane – Our special waterproof membrane is bonded in-between our beautiful custom outer fabric and our inner-mesh lining. We insert a wind and waterproof membrane that is breathable. This allows for a light and comfortable shell that keeps you safe from outdoor elements.This high-tech waterproof & windproof membrane will always keep you warm and dry in the wind, snow, rain, or any other elements.

DWR Coating – DWR stands for durable water resistance and we apply this quality treatment to the outside of the coat. Our quality DWR helps water bead off, keeps dirt off and maintains the true color of your coat. Of course we have installed our state of the art, high-tech membrane, but the DWR coating is the first line of defense to mother nature.

Lightweight and Compact – Travel a lot or only need one coat because you live in a warmer place, then this is the coat for you. This is a very small carry on suit case and the coat barely takes up any space.

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