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Micoach Smart Soccer Ball by Adidas

Micoach Smart Soccer Ball by Adidas
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The adidas miCoach SMART BALL soccer ball helps you improve your dead-kick technique by providing instant feedback on the power, trajectory, spin, and strike accuracy of your kick. Featuring integrated sensors, the app-enabled miCoach SMART BALL tells you everything you need to know to improve your kick, while maintaining the weight and feel of a regulation size 5 soccer ball.
How does it work?

A sensor package, cleverly suspended and protected in the center of the SMART BALL, analyzes the forces placed on the ball during its flight. Using proprietary algorithms, the data collected is used to determine the speed, spin, foot-strike point, and trajectory of the kick. The ball sends all this information via Bluetooth to the miCoach SMART BALL app on your iOS device, where it also predicts and visualizes the complete path of the ball, even if you kick it against a wall.
Improve your game

The miCoach SMART BALL app provides instant feedback on and analysis of your kicking performance. Watch tutorials to help you master new techniques, challenge yourself to apply power with control, attempt to replicate the kicks of professional football players, and save your best kicks each day.

Watch video tutorials in the app to get coaching tips
Follow the tips, then get instant feedback on your kick, straight to your iPhone
Track and record your stats and measure your improvement over time
Challenge your friends and share results
Visualize the path of the ball, even if you kick it against a wall
Master elite-level signature kicks like knuckle balls or bending it around the wall

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