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Micro SD Card Covert Spy Coin

Micro SD Card Covert Spy Coin
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During the Cold War, spies from each the East and West utilized specifically modified cash to covertly transport messages, microfilms, poisons, and so on. In our high-tech age, the clandestine “covert coin” might appear to be merely an historic or nostalgic relic. But though the know-how of the covert coin just isn’t new, the info media is new.

Your most personal, confidential, and private info can now be secured in a spot the place nobody would ever find it. Even knowledgeable warrant search won’t achieve discovering your most personal info. Covert Coins are expertly precision hand-machined from precise cash to create a secret inside compartment.

Once closed, they’re completely indistinguishable from common cash to the bare eye. They may be dealt with usually with none probability of an unintentional opening. An opening gadget is provided with every covert coin, with out which it is subsequent to unattainable to open up the coin. Made in USA.

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