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Micro T. Luna Table Light by In-Es.artdesign

Micro T. Luna Table Light by In-Es.artdesign
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Micro T. Luna table light by In-Es.artdesign. Your own mini moon by your side.

A single light source which emanates intense and bright rays: Luna (Moon in Italian) is the focal point of the In-es.artdesign lighting collection. Luna designs contain varied nuances and sensations. Nebulite®, material that has been developed specifically for In-es.artdesign’s collections, is a special mix of resin and fiber glass that has been specially developed to create the unique, soft, atmospheric and evocative lighting of the lamp. Even the shapes evoke the celestial body, reproducing it in any vein. Just like having a small personal moon.

Made to order and customized to the country of destination.

DESIGNER: Oçilunam
DIMENSIONS: ø 18CM – Flexible stem: 50CM – Base: 16x12x5CM
MATERIALS: Nebulite®, cast iron, nylon, steel.

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