Mid-Century Modern Quilt Made-to-order

Mid-Century Modern Quilt  Made-to-order
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The design is simple and modern, the colors are reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, the end result is this quilt. It is, as you can see, constructed of bands of colors – graduations of teal, greys, greens, highlighted with bright warm red and oranges. It is machine pieced and the top is free-motion quilted. This quilt pictured is a queen. It is 100% cotton – top, back and batting. It fits perfectly on a queen or full size bed (It lays on a full sized bed in the picture, so you can see there is plenty of drop if you have a bigger bed.) The tight quilting gives it a sophisticated look with an easy drape. Its easy to care for; it goes into the washer and dryer and comes out looking perfect. i use only Cherrywood Fabrics (top only). They are expertly dyed and the colors stay bright and true wash after wash.

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