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Midis 2.0 Wireless Midi Controllers

Midis 2.0 Wireless Midi Controllers
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The wob is a wireless MIDI controller that gives you physical control over your digital parameters, by moving your hand and down above the device.
Add a new dimension to your analog gear, acoustic instruments or existing setup with the wob, Theremin’s baby brother from the future. Move your hand up and down above the wob to control parameters, sounds or effects. Waving sounds by waving motions.

The wiggle is a wireless MIDI controller that lets you completely control sounds by moving and tilting in all directions.
This is the natural next step for expressive singers and performing artists. Add wiggle to your microphone, analog synth or acoustic instrument, to create a completely new way of live performing. Full three dimensional control by simply moving and tilting around all three axes (X, Y, Z). Musical freedom in the palm of your hand.

The drum is a wireless MIDI controller that makes air drumming happen like no other.
Air drumming for modern drummers and live legends. Air drum to trigger samples or sounds and intuitively create your own rhythms and beats. By adding effects on the X axis, or assigning functions like looping, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

The scan is a wireless MIDI controller that translates all your sketches into MIDI.
Get creative and bust through your writer’s block by turning your sketches into MIDI. Simply draw, scan and translate your creations into music.

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