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Miele Combi-Steam Oven

Miele Combi-Steam Oven
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The Miele DGC4084XL combines True European convection technology which offers the best cooking environment for roasting and baking with Miele’s unique external steam generator to create an all-in-one-oven that provides the consummate cooking fusion.

Miele MasterChef Gourmet Programs
Create a lasting impression during your next dinner party with a gourmet meal from Miele’s Combi-Steam oven. Offering genuine ‘gourmet’ cooking techniques, Miele’s MasterChef Gourmet programs combine lower temperatures and a longer cooking duration to create a succulent result. Automatic programs for Turkey, Chicken, Salmon, Beef Tenderloin and Baby Back Ribs promise the most tender and juiciest interior with a richly browned crust. The result? Culinary perfection.

Combination Mode
A combination of steam and convection cooking creates a perfect fusion with a moist cooking environment and an accent of browning or roasting. Combination cooking makes heat transfer faster and more efficient, offering you the best quality food an oven can offer. Choose from Convection Plus, Surround and Broil modes to combine moisture between 20 – 100%.

Steam Cooking
Steam ovens are long associated with steaming vegetables. While vegetables are something Miele’s steam program cooks particularly well, they are not the only food whose nutritional value you can enjoy. A complete food-driven menu offers options from quiche to Spanish quinoua.Flavor transfer is eliminated through protective layers of steam so your salmon tastes like salmon and your cookies stay sweet and delicious.

External Steam Generator
With Miele’s technology, steam is generated outside the oven cavity. This allows the steam input to be regulated to perfection and provide gentle cooking. There’s never a chance of overheating the interior cavity causing loss of flavor and dehydrated food exterior. And the interior of your meal will stay moist, flavorful and ready to serve.

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