Millen 39005 shaft coupler flexible coupler universal

Millen 39005 shaft coupler  flexible coupler  universal
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Millen model 39005 flexible newoldstock – excellent condition Made in Malden Massachusetts some time between 1939 and 1977, the year the James Millen Mfg Co. closed it’s doors. These were made the same way all those years. Simple elegance – the coupler is made of only nine components and four of them are the set screws – combined with workmanship and finish that is all but extinct in products made today. Overall length 1.25″. Mates with 1/4″ shafts. Two set screws on each side Millen studied mechanical engineering at Stevens in the 1920’s. He was responsible for the mechanical design of the famous National hro receiver in the 1930’s. These are time capsules and reminders of days long gone. Ships by usps First Class Package.

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