heat-resistant iron plastic pocket

Mini Pocket Iron

Mini Pocket Iron
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Color: silver
Product weight: 101 g
Product specification: 62 mm x 18 mm wide x 100 mm in depth
Body heat resistant ABS plastic
Human body size wide 18 mm * 62 mm * 62 mm depth
Work time use once per minute and can be used for 30 times

Low Hottopuressa punch, fold the size of the card and a wrinkled shirt dress trousers to area.
“Castanet can be used for on the one hand, because it is a mechanical press.
Travel to visit, such as special events is a convenient portable ultra-thin card types.
Office and lounge, easily use at any time any place, at the same time in the vehicle.
If the switch open Hamere safety design.
When using three AA alkaline batteries, batteries are not included in the;
When the heater temperature: 90℃ – 95℃

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