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Modern Hanging Bed

Modern Hanging Bed
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Unique and extraordinary hanging bed. Light and safe for all ceilings.
Made out of wood, swinging and springy

Great for small bedroom, spacy bedroom and even loft. The bed can be set in two positions: the “sleeping” position, where the bed is hanging just a little above the floor (18 inches), the “pulled up” position where the Bed is under the ceiling and thus provides all the space that was previously occupied by the sleeping position.

The bed is very safe and stable. It weighs only 80 kg in the largest version so you do not need the extra reinforcements on the ceiling. To further increase safety and comfort, the bed has an additional safety line (steel) in the retracted position to the ceiling.

Please Note: The bed is sold without mattress and installaton.
Bed installation is simple and requires no special tools. What is needed is only a drill and a hammer.

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