Modern Home Decor Bud Vase Set Geometric Vase Art Vases

Modern Home Decor Bud Vase Set  Geometric Vase  Art Vases
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Enjoy a stimulating combination of geometric vases made with 3d printing. Together they create a heavenly atmosphere: geometry, pattern and sculpted forms for interest and design. Many arrangements of these vases are possible. Display them together in a group or as individual accents. Fill them with flowers, stalks, branches, foliage, scented sticks, or your own ideas. Vase Set Includes: 1 – 9.5 Inch EleMental Vase 1 – 7.5 Inch Scalloped Vase 1 – 6 Inch Sky Portal Vase features: Modern Geometric designs 3d Printed from eco-friendly plastics Drop proof and kid-proof Ships direct from the MeshCloud studio in Perry, mi materials and process: All of our objects are created first through digital design. After we are satisfied with the shape on the computer screen, we embark on the adventure of 3d printing the object into the real world. In this process, a robotic arm heats up plastic thread to 230 degrees Celsius and extrudes it into thin layers. After layer upon layer is extruded and cooled, our design begins to emerge. This process is fairly slow, taking 3 to 4 hours to make a baseball sized pot. Larger pots take up to 18 or 20 hours to 3d print. Some of our larger intricate designs take up to 48 hours to make!

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