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Modern Wall Bookshelf by SturlesiDesign

Modern Wall Bookshelf by SturlesiDesign
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Spoonya – An industrial bookshelf made out of foamed polythene. Fitted on a natural coloured pine wood backboard.
Light and versatile.
With just the right spacing between each piece to allow various placements of books.
Made with the Tetris Game in mind, this bookshelf is both elegant and playful.
The back is made with beautiful natural pine wood.

Exhibited at the Design exchange 2010 exhibit in Toronto, Canada.
And at the Casa2010 Exhibit in TLV, Israel.

The size pictured is 60 cm X 90 cm X 20cm.
Please allow 3 weeks for your order to be complete.

I am always happy to work with my customers’ needs and create a design that suits their personal style and space. Contact me if you’d like your bookshelf to be in a different size.

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