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Modul’Air Inflatable Double Hammock by Pigro Felice

Modul’Air Inflatable Double Hammock by Pigro Felice
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Float weightlessly, without effort, in our relaxing mesh hammock. It will support your back in total comfort, giving you the illusion of sleeping on the water.
Material: Pigro Felice has developed a unique PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that is Phatalate FREE (6P FREE). Pigro Felice Phatalate FREE PVC is rated safe for your Kids, your Skin and is non-carcinogenic! It is also safer for human usage unlike less expensive materials.

The distinctive character of Pigro Felice¨ PVC makes it slip-resistant while the smooth texture feels like fabric against your skin. It contains NO Izo Dye so there is no plastic odor.
Durablity: Extra thick Pigro Felice¨ PVC is durable with enhanced thickness that makes it resistant to tears, rips and other damage. In addition, the material does not fade from exposure to chlorine or the sunÕs ultraviolet (UV) rays
Dimensions: 155cm x 130cm x 18cm (61” x 51” x 7”)
*Product does not come with electric pump- must be purchased separately* Copyright and all rights reserved to Pigro Felice

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