Molcajete in Basket

Molcajete in Basket
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The molcajete is a century-old mortar and pestle used by Mexican cooks. Its rough surface is made entirely of volcanic stone, ideal for grinding and releasing flavorful oils from vegetables and spices. Like cast-iron, your molcajete bowl can go in the oven, retain heat for an hour, and it picks up flavors over time, continually enhancing the foods youre working with. Perfect for salsa, guacamole, queso, mole, and more.better with timenothing compares to the flavors that volcanic stone brings out of spices and vegetables. The more you use it, the more flavor and character you get. One day, youll be ready to pass it on to your grandkids.better with carejust like cast iron, molcajetes need to be cured, or broken in. Small grains of the rock can loosen from the surface when its first used, giving your food a gritty texture. Curing helps smooth the surface.heres what we recommend for curing before first use:rinse the molcajete with water (or let soak in water overnight), then clean with a wire brush, or toothbrush, to get rid of surface debris and enough rice to make an even layer across the bottom of the molcajete.pour in about a tablespoon of water, then use the pestle to work the rice up and around the entire inner surface of the molcajete until the rice has formed a grey paste.rinse out the paste, and repeat the rice grinding until the resulting paste is no longer can then repeat with garlic, onion, cumin seeds, rock salt, or cilantro to add a seasoned flavor before your first use.better with friendsour molcajete can make guac for one, but we found that everyone loves to gather around. Grab some chips, grab some friends, and youve got yourself a piece of kitchenware and awkward-situation-insurance.packaged for youeach molcajete is packed in a tortilla basket made of handwoven palm leaves. Each one is unique in color and pattern. You can use the basket for corn chips, or tortillas.

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