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Monet Stylus by The Joy Factory

Monet Stylus by The Joy Factory
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Tall, Slender, Gorgeous

The Monet stylus is the most beautiful way to make the most beautiful artwork on your touchscreen device. This delicate instrument isn’t skinny on features–careful construction and sleek styling make this stylus an inspiring ally for creating art, and a stylish companion for everyday use.
Expand your Palette

When creating a unique masterpiece, don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill instrument. The Monet stylus is the ideal blend of length, weight, and contour for detailed painting and photo-editing on your iPad or other tablet device. While the Monet stylus impersonates the lightness of a watercolor brush or the profile of a charcoal pencil, this breakout device allows you to creatively use any of your design app’s features with unparalleled finesse.
Beauty Hangs in the Balance

The Monet stylus is carefully crafted to feel solid in your fingers, yet light enough to move gracefully as you work. The weight of this svelte beauty is balanced a full 4″ away from the nib, so you can make detailed strokes without your fingers getting in the way.
Work the Angles

The Monet stylus employs a super-sensitive rubber nib that will capture your every nuance. And since the Monet stylus will transmit your gestures over a full 165 degree range, you can grip your stylus in whatever position is most intuitive for you.
One Dynamic Duo

The elegant Monet stylus pairs perfectly with a DaVinci stylus, the Monet’s shorter, thicker cousin (sold separately). So whether you’re painting with broad strokes or obsessing over fine detail, Joy Factory’s got a stylus that’s just right for you. And to protect your tablet or smartphone from the non-digital supplies in your art studio, take a look at the Joy Factory’s BubbleShield (sold separately), an ingenious, inexpensive, reusable sleeve for mobile devices.

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