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MonoRover R2D Hoverboard

MonoRover R2D Hoverboard
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What is the R2D Self Balancing Scooter?

The R2D is a personal transportation device. Imagine a Segway without the bulk. With a sleek, streamlined design, and two separate motors, the R2D is guaranteed to be an experience unlike any other. Incredibly easy to ride, the R2D can be relaxing, or thrilling, depending on your riding style. If you are a fan of skateboards the Boosted Dual+ electric skateboard is the one for you.

So Why the R2D?

As our line of personal transportation products evolves we are always looking for new and cool products to add to our rover collection continuing to offer real value and products around our growing communities needs.

Incredibly Active Sensors
2 Blue LED lights


Range per Charge: 11-15 mi
Battery: 158Wh
Weight Limit: 250lbs
Max Charge Time: 2-3 Hours

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