Monster Towel – World’s Biggest Beach Towel

Monster Towel – World’s Biggest Beach Towel
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  • monster towel is a huge beach towel! 10×10 ft. This makes monster towel larger than a king size bed!
  • monster towel is 100 Sq. ft. area will easily fit all your friends and family great for laying out and tanning or having a fun picnic. monster towel is truly a huge Towel!
  • monster towel is made of a highly absorbent microfiber material that is thin and light weight it will dry fast and is easy to wash. Monster Towel easily shakes off sand.
  • monster towel is an oversized beach towel yet folds up small & compact it replaces at least 6 regular sized beach towels no more lugging around heavy beach towels. Monster Towel weighs less than an average purse.
  • monster towel is thin & light weight, and includes a convenient strap to carry with you on the beach it also has four corner pockets to anchor your towel with sand. It also has a zipper pocket hidden for your small valuables like keys and wallet
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