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Moon Chaise Longue by LINA

Moon Chaise Longue by LINA
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The Moon chaise longue is a simple yet extremely useful furnishing element designed for comfortable sitting, lying or use as a low table.
The Moon element is composed of two separate parts that fit together tightly forming a block.
When you want to stretch your legs, Moon can be transformed into an easy-chair simply by shifting the upper part in the position of a backrest. Enjoy reading your favorite book in this comfortable lounge.

You can also combine two or more Moon elements and form different compositions, such as a sofa, a combination of a table with one or more sitting elements, or a combination of four functioning as a bed. Arranging and re-arranging is quick and easy.
If the Moon elements happen to be in your way, just stack them and put them in a corner!
The Moon elements are upholstered with a removable and washable fabric and can be kept clean even if children are using them as swings.

They are welcome at home, in children’s rooms, in front of the TV set, in schools, hotel hallways, clubs, indoors or outdoors. They offer a playful yet elegant solution wherever you need to blend form and multifunctionality.
Moon is available here in a wide range of attractive colours.
Measures H 38 cm / W 100 cm / D 50 cm
Materials 3D Textile

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