MOON MILK Temporary Tattoo Matte Shine Remover Blender Setting

MOON MILK Temporary Tattoo Matte Shine Remover Blender Setting
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Non-USA customers: be aware that you may have to pay a customs fee when you order this item. Tracking/fees are your own responsibility! Add a container of our moon milk to your order to take any shininess away from the tattoo. This stuff makes temp tats look extremely realistic. Just brush some of the liquid onto the tat, and it instantly blends it into your skin! Each bottle is 1 oz. This lasts a long time. You can use this stuff over and over again for all your future tattoo purchases as long as it’s kept dry and cool. – We can’t guarantee results with other tats, so make sure to only use with our brand. – Do not microwave or boil – Do not use near eyes – To remove tattoos, scrub off a bit at a time in the shower, or remove using packing tape. – May contain traces of milk, eggs, wheat, soy, and rubbing alcohol. Please don’t use if you are allergic to any of these things. We try our best to use food or skin grade ingredients but obviously please use at your own risk. We can’t be held responsible for any adverse reactions from use or misuse.

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