Moon Phase Stash Box

Moon Phase Stash Box
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A magical wooden keepsake box to hold your most special possessions note- i changed the finishing process on my boxes and the sticky lid problem is fixed!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Available in black or white. Length: 8.25 Inches (Inner: 7.5 Inches) Width: 5.6 Inches (Inner: 4.75 Inches) Height: 2.5 Inches (Inner: 2.5 Inches) ? Each of these wooden keepsake boxes is handcrafted and designed to safely hold what is most important to you. Whether it’s an energizing spot for your crystal collection, a safe place to hold sentimental items of the past, or a unique jewelry box to bring beauty and the natural world into your home, these beautiful wooden boxes make a very special and personal gift whether it’s to yourself, or to someone you love. ? Every box is painted by hand, made with lots of love, and completely unique. i make each one of these giving my uttermost attention and care to make sure your box comes to you in perfect condition. ? Perfect for storing jewelry, crystals, herbs & sage, tea, incense, travel memories, gift box, love notes, letters, memorabilia, and all of your favorite keepsakes. If you would like something personalized or have any questions please send me a message i will quickly get back with you!

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