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Morpher Flat Folding Helmet

Morpher Flat Folding Helmet
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Morpher Flat Folding Technology: An Open And Shut Case For The Future Of Helmets Morpher is a stunning new concept in helmet convenience. It folds flat so that it is incredibly easy to carry around and when folded it’s WAY smaller than traditional non- folding helmets. It is just as safe as an old style rigid helmet and has passed all relevant safety criteria.

At Morpher, not only do we want a safer planet but we believe in a greener one too, so most of our helmet’s components are recyclable. We’ve won a load of awards around the world and have thousands of customers who rave about us and love their Morpher helmets. There is a huge amount of technology in Morpher which allows it to open and close flat, yet have the same safety efficacy as a standard “rigid” helmet.

We are dedicated to saving lives and preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries by encouraging cyclists and eventually other sports participants to wear helmets. We do this by making it far more convenient to carry a helmet and therefore to have one with you when it’s needed.

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