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Motorcycle by Papero

Motorcycle by Papero
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Motorcycle – Off White. 168 Pieces. 3.5″ x 7.5″ x 3.15″ (Difficulty Level: VERY HARD).
Materials: Eco-friendly Paper & Soy Ink. It uses a way of taking off pieces and assembling them immediately without using a knife of glue, which is safe and convenient.

Cognitive Development: Various assembly methods and free coloring with various materials enhance user’s creativity and concentration.

Body Coordination: The process of the assembly includes painting outlined blueprints, removing the colored pieces by hand, and fitting them into a 3D structure enabling the development of hand-eye coordination and stimulates mental development.

Environment-friendly Product: Papero is about innovation and there is no place in modern design for products that are detrimental to the environment. All Papero products are made from sustainable ECO recycled paper and printed with natural soybean oil based ink which means Papero is completely safe for people and the environment.

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