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Mount Anywhere Monorail Racer

Mount Anywhere Monorail Racer
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This is the 65-piece set that enables racetrack masterminds to build unlimited twisting, dipping, looping courses for a speeding monorail racer. The course equips designers with 20′ of flexible track that bends and twists into any configuration possible, connecting to chairs, tables, doors, or beds with included screw clamps.

An included monorail racer attaches to the track and is remotely sped along its course forward or backward through dizzying loops, hairpin banks, vertical runs, and screaming drops from a wireless remote. The racer comes with interchangeable body shells to suit a pilot’s mood. The racer’s rechargeable battery provides up to 20 minutes of action from a full charge using the included AC adapter; remote requires one 9-volt battery.Fully deployed course is 54″ L x 34″ W. (5 3/4 lbs.)

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