MOUS Flexmount

MOUS Flexmount
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The Mous Flexmount turns your smartphone hands-free and you can take with you on the go.

You can now operate your phone hands-free by either attaching this flexible phone holder at your home. Or you can mount it on the windshield or dashboard of your car and take it anywhere you go.

The versatile suction grip attaches smoothly on glass and slippery surfaces, which enables you to use your phone hands-free.

The Mous Flexmount firmly attaches to phone cases using the magnetic hold which works best on any glass or smooth coverings.

You can effortlessly mount this phone holder on the windshield of your car and enjoy the luxury of using your phone hands-free wherever you go.

If you are looking for a compact phone holder, the WizGear Air Vent holder is better for you.

Some of the cool features of the Mous Flexmount include the following:

On the Go

Start using your phone hands-free on the go with this entirely flexible mount.

You can easily adjust the lever to attach or detach the Mous Flexmount to your windshield instantly.

The adjustable magnetic grip gives a firm and stable grip allowing you to operate your hands-free Smartphone anywhere you go.

Secure and solid mounting

With the strong and powerful suction cup and the sleek aluminum frame, this product perfectly combines cool functions with high-grade quality designs.

The Mous Flexmount connects to phone holder and will securely mount and attach on the windshield of your car. Now you can make a call hands-free on the go.

With its stable magnetic grip, you don’t have to worry about it toppling off once it attaches itself on the surface.

The Mous Flexmount works better on glass or smooth and slippery surfaces.

Landscape and Portrait view

Whichever way you wish to manage your Smartphone hands-free, the Auto Align technology makes it possible for you to attach your phone case in both landscape and portrait scenes.

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