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Movpak Backpack Electric Skateboard

Movpak Backpack Electric Skateboard
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If you have been conquering the last mile using a skateboard (i.e. using it as a form of transportation between public commutes), you know the pros and cons.
Your traditional skateboard requires endless kicking and on top of that you have to carry your backpack. Movpak stuck an electric skateboard into a backpack and problem solved.
The Movpak is a backpack with an integrated electric skateboard. Just like most electric-powered skateboards, it operates via a remote which you can conveniently stash in the backpack when you don’t need it.

Electric Motor
Speed: 20 mph (30 km/h)
Range: 14 miles (20 km)
Weight: 17 lbs (7,7 Kg)
Battery: 2 hours for full charge
Carry everything you need in the backpack. Then let the backpack carry you around.

• Electric Vehicle Capable of 20 MPH
• 2 hours for full charge
• 14 Miles Range
• Airport Friendly
• Charge your devices on the go
• Portable and Foldable
• Wireless Remote Included
• Helmet NOT Included

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