Mozart The Golden Years by H. C. Robbins Landon Lavishly

Mozart The Golden Years by H. C. Robbins Landon Lavishly
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This is a lovely copy of “Mozart, The Golden Years 1781 – 1791″ by h. c. Robbins Landon. It was published by Schirmer Books in 1989. This is the first Edition. The write-up on the jacket’s flap sums it up nicely : ” Written by one of America’s most eminent musicologists … this book traces Mozart’s most musically creative, and yet personally troubling period, the last decade of his life. During the first five years of this decade, during which Mozart lived at several addresses in the Imperial capital city of Vienna, he courted and married Constanze Weber, performed his own remarkable piano concertos at a series of public subscription concerts, and wrote and staged ‘The marriage of figaro’ the first of three operas written in collaboration with the librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte. Concomitant with these artistic success and perhaps even lying at the source of them was Mozart’s darker side. Even as he enjoyed popular acclaim, Mozart was in constant financial straits, forced to borrow money from his Masonic friends, among others.

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