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Mr Eyes & Mrs Eyes #SleepAidforKids #AfraidofDark

Mr Eyes & Mrs Eyes #SleepAidforKids #AfraidofDark
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There are lots of children that are afraid of the dark. Mr Eyes is a new designed . Mr Eyes (Shown) Also there is a Mrs Eyes is bright a pair of happy eyes that will make your children smile. . It is a pillow that light up with the push of a button and has a second button with a pre recorded message that says “You sleep!I will protect you! Or it also has the ability to be recorded so parents can record their own message. . Children that afraid are more likely to insist on sleeping with the parents and not in there own room. This will help the children when they are trying to go to sleep and if they wake up in the middle of the night afraid and think something is there.. I worked for a preschool and got the idea from being around some amazing kids. I wanted to do something for the children who are afraid of the dark and for the parents. If kids have peace then they are more likely to sleep in there own rooms. My plans are to start with a website and then find a manufacturer that can make this product in mass quantities and then get this into the all the store like Walmart, Target, Toy’s R Us and all the rest. I have a patent pending and a copyright.

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