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Mr.Rain X1 Yellow Handmade Unisex Rainboots by Subtle

Mr.Rain X1 Yellow Handmade Unisex Rainboots by Subtle
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Mr.Rain X1 Boots were designed with the sole purpose to have people wearing them protected to all kinds of weather and in any harsh conditions including heavy rain, mud, even storms. The concept of Mr.Rain Waterproof Collection from which these boots are part of, is to create a line of modern and stylish waterproof clothing to help city residents go out in any kind of weather without worrying of their outfit appearance. The X1 Boots are made out of high quality natural rubber which makes them completely waterproof, dustproof and dirtproof but at the same time comfortable, durable and it allows the skin to breathe so it stays fresh at all times. These boots can be comfortably worn by men and women alike due to the modern design. In the package you can find the boots, dry sack to store, carry and care the boots.

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