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Mt. Fuji Candle

Mt. Fuji Candle
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It’s perfect conical shape, its size (3,776.24m/12,389 ft) and its power (it is an active volcano, Japan’s biggest) are some of the reasons Mt. Fuji (or “Fuji-san” for the Japanese) has become one of Japan’s most enduring icons. There are literally thousands of things that use either its name or its image (or both), and you’d need to try very much to find a Japanese who doesn’t project on the emblematic mountain everything that is good and strong and worthy in this culture. The Mt. Fuji Candle allows you to have a miniature Fuji-san of your own, right there on your coffee table, shelf or mantelpiece.

Small enough not to be obtrusive but brightly colored in the typical blue and white used for depictions of Mt. Fuji (the white is the snow at its summit), this Mt. Fuji Candle will stand out without screaming: a perfect metaphor for almost anything from Japan. And to add an even more distinctively Japanese note, its creators have added in the crater a pink heart shaped as a sakura (cherry blossom) with a fragrance to match. So you don’t have just a miniature Fuji-san, but a Fuji-san smelling of cherry blossoms. Could it be any more Japanese?

The Mt. Fuji Candle features:
Kerosene-free paraffin
Cherry blossom fragrance
Size: 69 x 46mm (2.7 x 1.8″)
Weight: 75g (2.6 oz)
Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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