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Multi-Tier Pet Fountain

Multi-Tier Pet Fountain
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Keep your pet healthy with the Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain

Drinking more water is crucial to any healthy diet and contributes to better health in both humans and pets alike. On average, your pet should drink one ounce of water per pound of weight daily for proper hydration. Developed by a Veterinarian, the Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain provides your pet with 100 oz. of fresh, filtered water. It helps keep your small to medium sized pet hydrated by providing multiple places to drink with lower and upper dishes. The upper dish is elevated making it ideal for senior or arthritic pets. The patented, free-falling stream aerates his water with healthful oxygen, and an activated carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors, helping your pet stay hydrated and healthy.
Is your pet dehydrated?

To check if your pet is dehydrated, gently grab a loose fold of skin, either on the back of the neck or in between the shoulder blades and release. If the skin snaps back into place, your pet should be okay. If the skin slowly returns into place, your pet could be dehydrated and may need to be checked by a veterinarian. On average, your pet should drink one ounce of water per pound of weight daily.
What is activated carbon?

The activated carbon replacement filters are made of coconut shells. The coconut shells are put through a process called carbonization, which removes all other elements other than carbon. The carbon is then ‘activated’ by adding back oxygen, creating a material suitable for adsorption. Activated carbon absorbs basic water contaminants, as well as chlorine from tap water. This helps improve the taste and remove odors from basic drinking water.

Key Features:
1. Patented free-falling stream adds more oxygen for freshness, encouraging pets to drink more water.
2. Elevated drinking dish for easy access, perfect for senior or arthritic pets.
3. Receiving ramp reduces splash and sound of falling water.
4. Replaceable activated carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors for fresher, better-tasting water.

5. Submersible pump for safe and quiet operation.
6. Low-voltage, 12V system with inline plug for safe operation and easy pump removal.*
7. Low power consumption, only pennies a day!
8. BPA-Free plastic is dishwasher safe (excluding pump) for easy cleaning.

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