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Music Speaker Stack Wallpaper

Music Speaker Stack Wallpaper
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Ever wished you could live like a rock star? This incredible Speaker Wallpaper is a great way to start!

This wall mural is the ultimate decoration for music lovers. Easily applied, quickly removed, and easily re-applied each year. Buy individual strips or purchase the whole mural.

This wallpaper mural is printed to a very high quality with solvent free pigment inks which are highly fade resistant onto a special fabric with a self-adhesive backing. This gives it the following advantages over normal wallpaper:

– Install it yourself without previous experience

– Removes without a residue and can be re-used multiple times

– It can be repositioned

– It does not rip or crease

– Self-adhesive backing means it’s mess free

– Simply stick it over a normal painted wall or other flat surface

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