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Muuto OTO100 Storage System

Muuto OTO100 Storage System
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The futuristic OTO 100 shelf, designed by the Danish designer Pil Bredahl for the manufacturer Muuto, looks like it was taylor-made for modern metropolis nomads! Inspired by the thought that today’s society changes living places more than ever before, the OTO 100 shelf accommodates this new-fashioned zeitgeist by being able to be built and taken apart very fast in only a few steps. A thick textile strap, which works just like a conventional baggage strap, holds the construction together flawlessly. Could it be any simpler? Its shape stays flexible and reminds us more of a sculpture than a conventional bookcase. Yet, next to the simple setup OTO 100 features very practical qualities, because it can simply be used for any type of content. Books and magazines fit into it just as well as clothing.

OTO 100 takes up about 160 x 105 cm (depending on the way the rings are put together), the diameter of the 8 rings ranges from 20 to 55 cm.

This wonderful design object is available in our online shop in black or warm white, in both versions the textile strap is graphite black.

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