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Muzo Personal Sound Machine

Muzo Personal Sound Machine
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Sleep with Customized Scene
Muzo – New Edition acts as a ambient sound equalizer. It is fully adjustable via the dedicated APP. Over 1000 scenes available by mixing up realistic sound variations.

Turn Surface into a Speaker
Muzo – New Edition generates sound by vibrating attached surface. It transforms almost every surfaces into a crystal clear quality sound speaker. The excited plate envelops the listener in immersive sound.

Dynamic Mask Disturbance
Muzo – New Edition detects the sleep disturbances nearby. Meanwhile, the white noise with smart volume leveling is generated to mask the disturbances immediately.

Compact and Portable
Perfect for baby nurseries, apartments, hotel rooms, or any environment where disruptive noises are a nagging problem.

Flexible Wall Mount Availability
With TPE sticky pad, Muzo – New Edition can be stuck firmly on any smooth surface. It is easy to stick, reposition and remove.

APP Intelligent Control
Set the alarm, and Muzo – New Edition helps you fall asleep. Auto-off feature let you enjoy the scene with no worries.

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