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MyCube Device Charging Safe

MyCube Device Charging Safe
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Maybe, until today, it didn’t make sense for most of us to store things in places more secure than the drawers of our desks. But life has gotten more complicated, and for most, safekeeping is a way of life and business. MyCube is the first company to combine safekeeping with technology and style.

The MyCube safe has been specifically designed to charge electronic devices (most laptops up to 17 inches, smartphones, tablets, etc.) while keeping them safe. Of course, it’s also just the right size for jewelry, passports and valuable papers, all accomplished with great color and style!

MyCube is made of eighth-inch thick reinforced steel with a 4-digit code digital keypad for quick opening and one-button push locking. The digital lock triggers two tamper-proof steel bolts, which keep the door tightly closed. It has an internal charging outlet with a battery powered digital LED screen keypad and a manual over-ride.

It is a manageable 40 pounds, and can be bolted securely to floors, cabinets or shelves. The digital lock is battery powered, separate from the internal outlet, which is power via an external 3-prong plug. A manual key is also included to be able to open the safe if the batteries run out in the keypad.

The MyCube Safe is designed to discourage and deter theft and to create secure storage for your valuable papers and the things you treasure. No installation is foolproof, of course, but to increase security it is suggested securing MyCube to two strong surfaces via the built-in mounting holes and screws. There are six colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Silver and White.

Digital lock with LCD display
Backlit keypad
Internal power outlet ideal for charging portable electronics
Optional floor/wall mounting

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