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MyCuppa Mug

MyCuppa Mug
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Make the perfect tea with Suck UK’s My Cuppa Tea Mug!Dangerous business, tea making. Especially in England, where preparing a bad cuppa for your colleagues could put you in all sorts of trouble. That’s where our My Cuppa Mugs are rather quite handy. Simple in concept, the My Cuppa Mugs have a colour reference guide printed vertically on the inside which indicates to the tea maker, exactly what shade of brew they are aiming for when adding milk.

The guide begins with a dark colour (which is in fact pure tea without any milk added at all) and scales through a number of different shades gradually getting lighter until reaching the lightest colour, which is a very milky tea. Each colour/type of tea is unique and explained for the user’s ease. For example; a very dark tea with very little milk is classed as a “Builder’s Brew”, whereas a lighter shade is classified as the “Classic British”.Quite simply… genius. Also available in My Cuppa Coffee!

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