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MYMESTO Bamboo Lap Desk

MYMESTO Bamboo Lap Desk
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Natural Ventilation Airflow: The Mymesto lapdesk is designed as a simple ventilation system to protect your expensive laptop and other devices from overheating. Sturdy bamboo laptop desk uses a pattern of holes for a natural cooling airflow and keeps devices in use at an optimal temperature.

Phone or Tablet Display: The extremely convenient dock fits just about any phone or mini tablet on the market. With the including docking slot, it keeps your phone or tablet device on standby for a very long time.
Stay Creative Everywhere: Keep optimal productivity on your laptop at all times. Mymesto lapdesk is designed to serve while you work at the office, at home in bed, at a business meeting, and countless other situations where you might need to use your laptop on the go.

Design for All Occasions: The built-in mousepad with geometric design is suitable for anyone in any environment. It is made for parents who help children with homework, bussinespeople in the suit at a meeting, or for students undertaking new projects.

Make Lifestyle Simple: Laptops are a major part of our lives, therefore the way our laptops work is mirrored directly on our lifestyle. Do not feel like you are locked behind the office desk but instead change your workstation – take your electronic devices and the Mymesto lapdesk and go somewhere you can relax, thus ensuring better quality of your work.

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