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MYNT Silver Smart Tracker & Remote

MYNT Silver Smart Tracker & Remote
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Over the years, looking for keys, phones, wallet, and personal items has always being a time-consuming issue. The time spent by an average person annually is close to twelve days. Thanks to our advancement in technology, we have made a great solution that makes your things more secure and saves you time.

MYNT is a tiny fob that creates freedom from looking for things. It also provides control over things remotely. MYNT is the world’s thinnest tracker with advanced remote control functions. It is easily attachable to wallets, keys, and any personal time in various sizes. Once attached, MYNT will track the location of the item within Bluetooth range. Smart alarms will be generated once the tracker is out of range.

It is now possible to take control of your time and take remote control of Bluetooth connectable devices. MYNT is your companion for better management of things in your life.

Thinnest Tracker with Stainless Steel Shell
MYNT is not the average tracker made from Lego blocks. This tiny wonder is the world’s thinnest tracker and remote, crafted with a stainless steel shell, and polished with silver, sandblast, or mirror surfaces. The metal casing keeps MYNT functional even after intense wear and tear. The body is water resistant, and we have waterproof sleeves ready in case MYNT is to take a swim. Simply attach MYNT to an item and always know where it is. Now is the time to say never to losing stuff.

Replaceable Battery And Remote Control
Once MYNT is out of battery, open the battery dock and put a new CR battery inside. It is as simple as that. MYNT has a single button that provides the functionality of five normal remote buttons. Setup the remote control for your camera, phone, computer, and other compatible devices.

Find the GPS location of the item. When close, find these items by calling the MYNT through the MYNT app. Open the MYNT app, click on the ring icon. The interface will indicate the distance between you and the MYNT. Even closer, the MYNT alarm sound and the LED flash will guide you like a homing beacon.

Finding your phone by set it ringing. Press and hold the button in the center of your MYNT. Your phone will ring even if it is mute or on silent.

Separation Location
The MYNT app records all last location of the MYNTs under management. The map accessible through the app will show where the item was last seen. Any one with MYNT app will be able to help you find your lost MYNT.

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