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Mystic Pint Glass Built-In Fortune Teller

Mystic Pint Glass Built-In Fortune Teller
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2-IN-1 PINT GLASS & FORTUNE TELLER: Remember the Magic 8 ball? The Mystic Pint Glass is the same idea but with 27 ounces of your favorite beverage. The perfect instrument when you need to answer a yes-or-no questions on matters of the future or just need a drink.
WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T FIND THE ANSWER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE GLASS: Just pour your favorite drink (27 ounces / 800 milliliters), drink up, ask the Mystic Pint a yes-or-no question, and shake the cup! Just remember, in order to get your fortune (20 possible options), you’re going to have to finish your drink first!

20 POSSIBLE FORTUNES: Yes, No, Can’t Say Now, Very Likely, Prospect Good, You Can Count On It, Unlikely, Chances Aren’t Good, Consult Me Later, No Doubt About It, Absolutely, So It Shall Be, Indications Say Yes, Cannot Foretell Now, Looks Like Yes, Don’t Bet On It, Answer Unclear, Ask Later, Positively, The Stars Say No, Focus and Ask Again.
PERFECT FOR EVERY OCCASION: With the Mystic Pint Glass, you can enjoy your favorite cold beverage while also contemplating the future of your love life or getting answers to all your most pressing questions. This product is great for parties, tailgates, game day, or any other exciting event!

UNIQUE GIFT: A very unique gift item that will surely keep everyone busy finishing their drink. With over 20 different possible fortunes, this novelty barware item is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.
DURABLE, SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Made out of durable food-safe plastic. Hand wash only to keep this great gift around for a long time and use it in the best of health at your next party.
DRINK RESPONSIBLY: Have fun but please remember to drink responsibly

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