MYZOO Spaceship Gamma

MYZOO Spaceship Gamma
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Cats have a nonchalant attitude towards humans and act all proud and mighty. But we love them to bits, nonetheless. The MYZOO Spaceship Gamma cat bed is the perfect item to give them more reason to look down on us, quite literally. In case your kitten prefers watching outside, the Kitty Cot is good choice. It can be mounted directly on the window.

Material and construction

The bottom part of the bed is made of pine wood. It is sturdy and also has a distinctive brown appearance. It features a circular hole for entrance.

Opposite to the entrance hole is four small holes which assist in ventilation.

It also works to minimize the echo that can plague a confined environment. It measures 40 cm in width and 48 cm in height. 

The top of the bed is made of premium quality acrylic. It provides a crystal clear view for the cat. The overall construction bears the excellent craftsmanship that the company is known for.


The Gamma cat bed is one in the series consisting of alpha, beta and gamma. This design is simple yet elegant. It bears immaculate designs that are thoughtfully executed for a specific purpose.

Ease of use and maintenance

The cat bed can be mounted on a wall very quickly. The main frame can be screwed on to the wall, followed by the acrylic dome. Installation is made easy with a screwdriver which is provided along with the bed on purchase.

The bed is also effortless to clean. The materials do not scratch or get dirty quickly. Overall maintenance is easy and straightforward.

MYZOO Spaceship Gamma pros and cons


  • Excellent design and construction.
  • It is made of sturdy and high-quality materials.
  • A cool addition of cat furniture to home.


  • Installation may be complicated for some folks.

The Spaceship Gamma from MYZOO is a spaceship inspired bed for your feline babies. It can be easily mounted on walls to add a sci-fi element to your interiors and will definitely be loved by your cat(and maybe, this way you’ll get more attention from them).

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