Name Decal Yeti Decal Custom Name Decal Personalized

Name Decal  Yeti Decal  Custom Name Decal  Personalized
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This listing is for one vinyl Name Decal. Available in 31 Colors of Glossy Vinyl (see color chart ). Please provide your name, Font Choice and color options in the Personalization Section. size option examples for width (length) in order to accommodate height: 2.5″ max 5 Letters 3.0 max 7 Letters 3.5″ max 7 Letters 4.0″ max 10 Letters 4.5″ max 10 Letters 5.0″ – 11.5 ” max 12 Letters please note: Unfortunately most fonts cannot be used with all caps. Each capitalized letter will appear just as the first letter in the name and you might not like it. If you would like to see a certain name in all caps, please message me and i will be happy to send you an example of how it will look. There are certain fonts that appear only as all caps. Those fonts are the chris, kevin, denise, carol & henry. sizing: My decals are based on length (width). This means that from the farthest point to the left to the farthest point to the right. fonts come in all sizes. The heights will be determined by the number of letters in the name/word. With longer names, you must increase the size of the decal to accommodate the height. longer names will have a shorter height than short names. If i dont limit the sizes you may end up with a very, very small font. The decal is personalized and customized to one name or word with a maximum of twelve (12) characters. If you need a different size not listed, please message me and i will be happy to customize it for you. Multiple words/phrases should be customized with an example sent to you to review.

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