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Nanoleaf replacement LED Bulb

Nanoleaf replacement LED Bulb
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The Nan leaf One takes energy efficient lighting to a whole new level by offering a light bulb far more efficient than any existing LED bulb. It is a true breakthrough for LED Lighting technology. Within its lifetime, the Nan leaf One bulb will pay for itself, cut electricity bills and save CO2 emissions all while providing bright beautiful 360 degrees lighting for all your lighting needs.

Ultra energy efficient – 12 watt Nan leaf One replacing the 100 watt A19 bulbs, saves you more than 273 within its lifetime
3000K Warm White color temperature provides comfortable lighting for your home or office
Over-Temperature Protection – Never overheats and is safe to use within fully enclosed light fixtures
Extra long lifetime of 27 years – reduces the hassle of frequent replacement
Safe for the environment and your home – durable design and extremely eco-friendly

Nanoleaf replacement LED BulbCheck price on Amazon.com ►
Check price on Amazon.com

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