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Naonext Crystall Ball DJ Controller

Naonext Crystall Ball DJ Controller
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Designed to create and control sound, light and video, Crystall Ball gives all your computer-aided creative work a new dimension. More than a controller, it is an intuitive, interactive and infinitely customisable tool. In a studio or live, let your senses speak and give free rein to your stage performance!

The Crystall Ball is a movement based interface that allows intuitive control of machines: MIDI synthesizers or creation softwares.

Faders and knobs disappear and give place to optical sensors sensitive to distance and speed, in order to control samples, effects, lights, videos, etc., bringing a new dimension to computer assisted creation.

Completely programmable, the backlit keyboard and the five optical sensors provide endless control possibilities.

MIDI standards and class compliant, the Crystall Ball is USB plug’n’play and compatible with most software such as Ableton Live, Serato, Logic Studio, Max / MSP. Through a standard MIDI port the Crystal Ball can also control synthesizers, samplers or drum machines.

More than a controller, a real instrument.

5 optical sensors measuring the distance in real time between 5 and 35 centimeters
24 gaming keys backlit white and blue
8 control buttons blue backlit
1 USB port

Port 1 MIDI in / 1 MIDI Out to connect the Crystal Ball a MIDI device (drum machine, sampler, etc.)
6.35 Stereo Jack 1 port for adding a footswitch or external sensors
7.5 V supply – 1A

Sphere: ultra resistant polycarbonate
Hull keyboard: metal alloy
Fixed on a microphone stand

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