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Narwhal Screwdriver Kit

Narwhal Screwdriver Kit
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The traditional French warning, “En garde!” can be heard echoing across the frozen arctic wherever Narwhals are present. Yes, the magical aquatic, “Unicorns of the north” really do exist and boy, are they fencing aficionados!

How could nature possibly improve upon the beautiful tusk this creature possesses? Ask any narwhal that you know and you will get the same answer. You got it, give them interchangeable screwdriver bits!

You see, a narwhal never has a screwdriver around when they need one. Enter our Narwhal Screwdriver Kit. Problem solved! By twisting apart the whale, the belly becomes storage for the two Slotted and two Phillips head attachments.

Lunge! Passata Sotto! Parry! Eat fish! The unicorns of the sea helps at home!

Plastic. Measures approximately 6 inches long x 2.5 inches wide. 4 screwdriver bits.

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